Diving courses in Dahab, Egypt in Latvian

Many people want to learn to dive in comfortable conditions, in warm waters, as well as to obtain an internationally recognized scuba diving certificate during their vacation.

For those interested in underwater sports who want to take a diving course in Egypt, they have the opportunity to learn about the city of Dahab, near the famous Blue hole.

Underwater training in Latvian and Russian can be acquired at the international diving organization Padi instructor Maksima, as well as you can expand your diving specialization qualification in one of the many diving specialties - Padi OWD, Padi Divemaster, Sidemount and even technical diving Tec Trimix Diver.

Why should I learn to dive in Egypt? 

  1. Good prices for air travel and accommodation;
  2. Comfortable feeling, because the water temperature is 25-30 degrees;
  3. Training is possible in your preferred Latvian or Russian language;
  4. Lots of sun, a chance to see the sunny land of Egypt and a healthy diet;
  5. Lower training costs compared to continental prices;
  6. A rigorous and demanding instructor will train the necessary skills according to the chosen specialization;
  7. Dahab and Bluehole is a world-famous diving training site where you can meet scuba diving enthusiasts from all over the world.

Scuba diving instructor Dahab, Maksims Kuprijanovs

Diving instructor Dahab

The instructor from Riga, lives in Dahab, Egypt, is a scuba diving professional with extensive experience in conducting various underwater training specialization courses.

Communication with the scuba diving instructor is possible through the instructor Maxim Kupryanova on Facebook page or using contact form.