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Diving training for children

Diving training for children is exciting. Why teach your child to dive? This is a great way for everyone to be with their family, especially if both parents have already completed diving courses and have Open Water Diver or a certificate attesting to a higher level of knowledge. Training of children takes place only under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian, it is possible from the age of 8, starting Bubblemaker or PADI Seal Team diving training programs. During scuba diving training under the supervision of a parent or guardian, the child can reach a depth of 2 meters by going Bubblemaker course and 4 meters depth training PADI Seal Team.

Diving training for children is divided into two parts

Bubblemaker In the scuba diving training program, the child learns the basics of breathing underwater, it is full scuba equipment set, including mask, breathing regulator, buoyancy aid and fins. During the course the child can reach the maximum depth - 2 meters, this is also After completing the course the child receives his first certificate.

PADI Seal Team In a diving training program, a child completes five AquaMissionwhich he performs in full scuba equipment set, after which it can dive to a depth of 4 meters. One of the training programs includes night diving.

Training of children divers

We, diving club "Diving", employs several high-level PADI certified instructors who teach both training of individual divers, though training of school age divers, both training and conducting teen divers corporate underwater training.

get in touch with a children's diving instructor if you want to take a diving course or some diving specialty training and receive an internationally recognized certificate.