Underwater drilling works with hydraulic drill

Our company's underwater workers have completed an international commercial diving school in Norway. We perform various underwater commercial works in ports and berths, including assembly, concreting and underwater drilling works with an industrial, hydraulic impact drill throughout the territory of Latvia. We have worked in many Latvian ports and […]

Underwater search with a metal detector

It is also possible to learn the training of a metal detector and the basics of its use, learn how to search properly with a professional underwater metal detector, ask your search and diving instructor about this course, how to search underwater with a metal detector! To apply for the course, Search […]

An underwater diver finds a lost wedding gold ring

Diver underwater finds a lost wedding gold ring A diver on an hour-long underwater search finds a lost gold ring to return it to its owner Jānis, resting with friends in Lake Ungura, Cēsis district, lost a valuable family relic, a wedding ring. Scuba diver Walter […]

Underwater technical diving works in the port

Underwater technical diving works We work in winter in Ventspils port Soil sampling in Ventspils port Diving in the guarded port water area Thank you to the customer for this work and the experience gained in performing responsible work. Diver Valters Preimanis, together with Jānis Grote.

Diving Madona quarry large reservoir

Diving Madona quarry large reservoir

We have performed technical diving works, diving, Madona quarry in a large reservoir, to perform underwater surveying, cartography works with the help of sonar. We also found and survey underwater objects to mark them on an underwater map. We used the application of the latest underwater measurement technologies in cartographic works. […]

Underwater photography and filming

We professionally perform photography and filming of underwater objects, as well as train underwater photographers who receive an international certificate - Padi Photographer or Padi Videographer after completing the diving course. The underwater camera is housed in a special plastic or aluminum housing, which keeps the camera dry and allows […]

Inspection of sunken ships

We inspect sunken ships, as well as various works of underwater divers, on behalf of underwater archaeological research, ports, state organizations and museums. Inspection of sunken ships The diver inspects the underwater part of the sunken ship, the whole ongoing work process is filmed. The customer of a shipwreck survey may observe the entire survey of the sunken ship […]

Underwater survey works for Alūksne archeology project

On May 30, 2014, the technical diver of the underwater portal Daivings.lv Valters P. in cooperation with the Alūksne Museum and underwater archaeologist Voldemārs R. performed underwater survey and research works in Alūksne Lake. (Scuba diving was planned to preserve the history of Alūksne region). Underwater archeology project was developed in Estonia - Latvia […]

Sonar measurement services

Searching underwater

In order to be able to carry out underwater rescue or search work, a diver must be qualified. In order to be able to perform underwater search work, you need a breathing apparatus for work underwater, a full face mask, a swim compensation vest, a jumpsuit, a weight belt, swimming fins, a diver's knife, and an underwater communication device. Search […]

twisted ropes from the propeller

How to Remove Wrapped Ropes from a Propeller |

Recreational boat manager since 2013 and diving coach Valters Preimanis, about winding on a propeller - Any water transport that sails and uses propeller propulsion, like cutters and yachts, can wind cords, ropes, ends or nets on the propeller. Most often wound […]