Underwater technical works

Rescue services

A savior is a person who saves a person or property from harm or danger. Rescuers are trained in technical rescue, diver rescue, extraction rescue and / or technical firefighting. The term is commonly used for rescuers and is called "Savior" in many positions.

Our company both trains rescuers - in the rescue course "Rescue Diver", and also provides rescue services at filming grounds and events. We will provide rescue services in the place of Latvia you need!

Lifeguard divers training

Learn how to prevent and manage water problems and make sure you are a diver in the US Rescue Diver course. The course is challengingly difficult, but very useful. The PADI Rescue Diver course teaches you ways to avoid and manage problems and improve your confidence as a diver.

During the course, you will become a better diving partner by improving your ability to identify potential problems and practice an emergency diving protocol. The lifeguard course is serious, but the training is fun - many divers tell us that the PADI rescue dive course was their favorite!

The rescue course fee includes training, assessment and a certificate card. Practical training, diving, diving equipment, student materials are available throughout the course, in the scuba diving club "Daivings.lv".

We provide rescue services

Our rescue service manager, diver lifeguard, diving coach, has received training and practice from the Ministry of the Interior, the State Fire and Rescue Service.

We have provided rescue operations at various filming grounds and other events. We will professionally place a swimming place in case of an event, with the help of separating buoys we will mark a safe, transparent place that will be easy to monitor for the rescuer. We will pick up people, follow people's movements both above and below water, and provide immediate assistance.

If necessary, we will take action to prevent dangerous situations for people, if necessary, we will provide first aid. We will arrive with all the necessary equipment to fully perform the duties of a rescuer. We will listen to your wishes, tips and other suggestions.

Apply for rescue work

Foreman - phone tel. 220-77-202, e-mail info @ diving .lv

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