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Silent Diving Systems recalls the hoses connecting the rebeer

Silent Diving Systems has recalled approximately 820 hose connecting hoppers. Some of them were made without the necessary fastenings (see photo), which prevent gas leaks and water from entering the system, so some of the hoses produced have proved unsafe. These hoses can be used for three models of vibrators: Inspiration, Evalution and Evolution Plus.

Hoses with smooth fittings are recalled:
• AP300 / 15 ADV Supply Hose
• RB20 / 03 Oxygen Injection Hose
• EV20 / 03 Oxygen Injection Hose
• RB20 / 10 Buzzer Hose
• EV11A / 1 Vision Handset Hose
• RB11A / 1 Classic Handset Hose
• RB11 / B Handset Hose
• AP300 / 10 ADV Hose
• AP300 / 38 ADV Hose
These hoses were sold between January 2007 and August 2008.
Hoses with octagonal fittings are serviceable and are not recalled. Those divers who have low-quality hoses with smooth fittings are encouraged to stop using them immediately and contact Silent Diving Systems to obtain a new one.
Additional information on "Silent Diving Systems" website www.silentdiving.com.