Shipwreck Schiffbek German 1930-1944 (2158 GRT) near Liepāja

German Schiffbeck 1930-1944

The shipwreck, the former German cargo ship, the steamer "Schiffbek", was launched in 1930, sunk on November 6, 1944, located near Liepāja, at a depth of 12 meters! Known as "Shifbek” and earlier before identification, after its cargo name – “rails" (rail), "часы” (watches) loads.

Steamship/SS Schiffbek

  • Owner:/1930-44/: shipping company, main ship owner: Knöhr & Burchard Nachfolger.
  • Hometown: Hamburg. Name: SCHIFFBEK. Reg. No.: DHUR
  • Year of construction: 1930
  • Shipyard: Lübecker, Maschinenbau Gesellschaft, Lübeck

Date of sinking of the ship "Schiffbek".

  • The steamer was 90 meters long, 13.5 meters wide and 7.3 meters high, the maximum speed was 11 knt. On November 6, 1944, the steamer "Šifbeks" (2158 GRT) was sunk near Liepāja (Libau) by an air-dropped mine.
  • The ship's cargo was intended for the German soldiers of the "Kurzeme cauldron", it consisted of railway machinery, military supply cargo. The ship's cargo was lifted after the war.

The importance of the ship "Schiffbek" during World War II

Visvaldis Lācis, in the book "Kurzeme 1944-1945" page 56. writes about the loss of the ship:

“The loss of the 2,158-ton steamer Schiffbek was a painful blow to the Northern Army Group. On November 6, while approaching Liepāja port, the steamer hit a mine and sank. On the ship were the weapons so badly needed by the defenders of Kurzeme, especially those meant for improving the artillery's combat capabilities, which the Germans in Kurzeme lacked so much. 12 light howitzers, 3 heavy howitzers, one 15mm cannon, 6 heavy infantry guns, 17 2cm caliber anti-aircraft guns and 180 machine guns sank to the bottom of the sea."

Ship "Schiffbek" photos

German Schiffbeck 1930-1944

German SS Schiffbeck 1930-1944

Diving on the ship "Schiffbek"

  • The sunken German steamship "Schiffbek", its remains, lies at a depth of 12 meters, the ship is scattered on the rocky seabed. A lot of fish usually live on shipwrecks, they form a beautiful and interesting underwater ecosystem. Diving is useful for researchers of various Baltic Sea fish and history buffs! Diving in Liepāja on two sunken ships - "Beverīna" and "Schiffbek" takes place on Saturdays in Liepāja from 8:00 a.m. It is mandatory to apply in advance.
  • The visible distance in the water is 3-5 meters, we recommend using an underwater light.
  • The water temperature in summer, in the month of July, is 18C
  • A diver's certificate is required to dive on the ship "Open Water Diver” or the instructor's preparation and presence in diving.
  • Diving on two wrecks in the Baltic Sea - "Beverina" and "Schiffbek". The Baltic Sea Heritage, WW2 tour takes place every summer.
  • Coordinates 56.548815, 20.999964 (RIB boat dock)
  • Apply for diving on ships near Liepāja - Phone/WhatsApp 220-77-202 or