Latvians win world Guinness World Record for underwater checkers!

Organized by Latvian divers underwater checkers championship 2011 has been a successful conclusion, Guinness has set a record that will soon be confirmed Guinness World Records Homepage, Guinness in the Latvian records section.

Underwater checkers championship in Latvia video

Underwater checkers The championship was held in honor of the great trained scuba divers and many Latvian certified diving center responsiveness. The underwater checkers tournament was a real challenge for the organizers of the underwater checkers event, as well as for the divers themselves. Although the event organizer Normunds (pictured) is still waiting for a printed certificate from Guinness World RecordsIn order to show confirmation that 88 Latvian checkers - checkers will get a Guinness record in the big world book, the divers have already prepared for a joint dive.

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