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Diving licenses for tourist recreation in Crete

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Diving license for tourist recreation

Consultation on a diving license for tourist recreation in Crete

Question: Can you tell us about getting a diving license for tourism purposes? From time to time I travel to an island or warm country, always wanted to divide, but so far I have not received. This year I will go to Crete and there is that shipwreck. True, he has a fairly large depth - 42 meters, which is probably not for amateurs. But the experience could be so impressive that I began to consider taking courses. Can you tell me what courses should be for this type of tourism for recreation and diving in deeper waters? Also, how long does it take and how much does it cost? What are the options for a person who has never seen a balloon? 🙂

Diver training is required to dive to a depth of 40 meters

Answer: Scuba diving for 40 meters requires the following training of divers, theory and certification of divers.

It takes at least 2 weeks to get it done. You will receive a discount if you pay for all the courses at once.
Call or write 220-77-202 PADI Diver Instructor Walter

Take part in creating a pool where you can learn diving for children and beginners

Diving club "Diving" in 2021 is committed to completing the pool for divers. Complete the training and 15% of your training price will be used to create the pool. The pool will be suitable for rehabilitation purposes. You have the opportunity to participate and support the creation of a diving pool, as well as donate to the pool. More on Diving pool for kids and beginners read here.