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Aleksandrs Kalvāns “Knights of the Brain”

Knights of Dzelme

The book "Dzelmes bruņinieki" contains photos of many former and active Latvian diving athletes, including photos with the activities of the diving club "Diving", and uses information from the instructor of the diving club "Diving". Valters Preimanis materials provided.

A book about the share price, in a limited amount of 14.95 Eur can be purchased by divers of the underwater club "Diving", normal price 20.00 Eur, the price is shipping or pickup in Pinki, Babite. Apply by e-mail to Valters P, daivingslv@gmail.com

Aleksandrs Kalvāns is a scuba diver, a diver with a long history, "Knights of Dzelme" is Alexander's fifth book. The book is published by the Sprīdīši Friends Association.

Alexander Kalvan's book "Knights of the Mind" writes about those brave people who work below the earth - in the depths of the ocean, sea, lake and rivers. About the difficulties and dangers faced when diving into the underwater world. The book tells about the history of divers and the most active representatives of the Latvian diving industry, as well as about the exciting events of diving.

Aleksandrs Kalvāns writes: “But only those who are ready to face extreme difficulties and dangers, who are ready to fight at the right time, can dive into the blue continent. It can be a struggle for victory in the realization of important goals and great ideas in science, economy, sports or entertainment. The heroes of this book are real people. I have lived and worked with many of them, or something has more or less connected me to the events described. These strong people have sown in me and tempered me with the conviction that human life is based on perseverance, courage and the will to fight and win. ”

Knights of Dzelme
Aleksandrs Kalvāns, Knights of Dzelme

The chapter in the book is also dedicated to the founder of Āraiši lake castle, discoverer of Latvian lake meadows, initiator of underwater archeology in Latvia, archaeologist Dr. hist., Dr. hist. hc to Jānis Apals. Jānis Apals' lifelong work was to resurrect Āraiši Lake Castle!