We offer a swimming pool for filming purposes

Pool, container pool

Looking for pool rental for filming? Welcome to Daivings.lv!

We offer to rent our container-type pool, 5×2 meter large and 2.8 meter deep pool for the needs of filming projects. The pool is located in Mārupe parish and is ideal for filming various films, commercials and television shows.

Advantages of the pool:

  • Big and deep: The pool is large enough to film various close-up scenes and deep enough for diving and other water activities.
  • Clean and well-kept: We regularly clean and maintain the pool to ensure water quality and hygiene.
  • Controlled temperature: The pool water temperature can be adjusted according to your needs.
  • Easy access: The pool is located in an easily accessible location with access to the car park.
  • Additional services: We also offer various additional services, such as diving equipment rental, lighting installation and filming crew service.

The price:

The pool rental price depends on the filming time, date and required additional services. Contact us for a detailed quote.

Contact us:

To reserve the pool for filming or to receive a detailed quote, please contact us:

  • Phone: 22-077-202
  • E-mail: baseins@dronelab.lv
  • Homepage: daivings.lv

We look forward to working with you! Daivings.lv team

The purpose of using the pool for filming can be different, including:


  • Underwater scenes: The pool can be used to film underwater scenes such as diving, swimming or water fight scenes.
  • Romantic scenes: The pool can serve as a romantic backdrop for love scenes or a wedding ceremony.
  • Thriller Scenes: The pool can be used to film thriller scenes such as a murder or a rescue operation.
  • Comedy scenes: The pool can be a place for funny scenes, such as characters falling into the water or swimming with swimming trunks.


  • Swimwear ads: The pool is the perfect place to shoot swimwear commercials, showcasing the models' looks and movements in the water.
  • Cosmetics ads: The pool can be used to film cosmetics commercials, showing the products' resistance to water and humidity.
  • Advertisements for sporting goods: The pool can serve as a place to promote sports products such as swimming goggles, water toys or hydromassage devices.

TV Shows:

  • Reality Shows: The pool can be a filming location for reality shows, where participants compete in water sports or relax by the pool.
  • Series: The pool can be used to film scenes from the series, such as a summer party or a relaxing day by the water.
  • Educational shows: The pool can serve as a filming location for educational shows about water safety, swimming techniques or aquatic animals.

In addition to the aforementioned uses, the pool can also be used for photo shoots, music video shoots, and other creative projects.

The purposes of using the pool are limited only by your imagination and creativity.

We offer a filming operator in the pool

Complete your filming project with a professional cinematographer in the pool!

We offer the services of experienced cinematographers who specialize in shooting underwater and in the pool. Our operator is equipped with professional camera equipment and lighting, which allows us to provide high-quality video material.

Our services:

  • Shooting under water: We film underwater scenes from different angles and depths.
  • Shooting above water: We film scenes at the edge of the pool, on the surface of the water and from above.
  • Light and sound equipment: We provide professional lighting and sound recording to achieve the best result.
  • Assembly: After filming, we can edit the video according to your wishes.

Why choose us:

  • Experience: Our cameraman is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in pool and underwater filming.
  • Quality: We provide high-quality video material that meets your requirements.
  • Creative approach: We offer a creative approach to the filming process and will help you realize your ideas.
  • Available prices: We offer competitive prices for filming operator services.

Contact us:

For more detailed information about our services and prices, please contact us:

We look forward to working with you!