SI Tech recalls the air supply hoses of a dry suit after a diver dies

After the death of a diver from Los Angeles (USA), the Swedish company SI Tech, in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, has recalled about 65,000 dry clothes air supply hoses. It has been concluded that a small part in these air supply wipers can block the air supply during diving, which can lead to the diver drowning. Divers are advised to stop using these air supply hoses immediately.

SI Tech has already received six applications for damaged air supply wipes, one of which is related to the death of a diver.
The air supply wipes of the specific batch of dry suits were on sale from July 2006 to February 2009. They are sold both together with dry clothes and separately. The parts in the wipes, which can also be damaged, are black, blue or green. The batch code can be found on the metal end of the slag. Divers who suspect that their dry suit air supply hoses may be from this batch are encouraged to visit the SI Tech website at for a list of batch serial codes. Divers are advised to check the dry air supply hoses at their disposal if their codes correspond to the lot - stop using them immediately and contact SI Tech - e-mail: