Collecting ghost nets from sunken ships in the Baltic Sea

Ghost nets in the Baltic Sea

The diving team, in cooperation with the diving club "Daivings", dives on sunken wrecks and cleans them of ghost nets.

Ghost Net Harvesting Mission

We are committed to keeping the marine environment clean and safe by freeing sunken wrecks from ghost nets. Cooperation with the divers of the diving club "Daivings" allows the company "Dronelab" to combine experience and resources to effectively perform this important task.

The process of highlighting ghost networks

  • Our divers dive on sunken wrecks in the Baltic Sea.
  • Using buoys and cutting tools, we remove ghost nets from wrecks.
  • We bring the nets to the shore with motorboats, where we hand them over for recycling.


  • Cooperation with experienced diving instructors from the diving club "Daivings".
  • Modern technologies and equipment.
  • Environmentally friendly approach.
  • A significant contribution to the protection of the marine ecosystem.

How you can help:

  • Support the work of the SIA Dronelab diving team by donating funds.
  • Educate others about the problem of ghost nets and their negative impact on the marine environment.
  • Become a scuba diver and join us on wreck dives.

The divers' brigade offers cooperation in projects

Cleaning ships from ghost nets:

  • We offer regular cleaning of vessels from ghost nets to ensure a safe and clean water environment.
  • Our experienced divers use the latest technology to efficiently and gently remove ghost nets from ship hulls and propellers.
  • Cooperation with us will help reduce marine pollution and protect the marine ecosystem.

Lifting and recycling of torn fishing nets:

  • We offer the removal of broken fishing nets from the sea and delivery for processing.
  • Working with us will help fishermen recover their nets and reduce marine pollution.
  • We take care of environmentally friendly recycling of nets to provide a sustainable solution.

Contact us:

  • To learn more about the services we offer, please visit our website or contact us by e-mail spokutikli(at)
  • We will be happy to provide advice and answer all your questions.

Together we can make the sea cleaner and safer!

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