PADI Ice Diver

Underwater diving course PADI Ice Diver, during the training you will learn

  • how to use diving equipment "DrySuit",
  • how to choose and put on three finger gloves,
  • how to use communication signals
  • proper breathing technique,
  • equipment for holding a rope,
  • What to do in case of free flow of the regulator,
  • methods for restoring the functioning of the respiratory regulator,
  • skills to help a diver,
  • security measures that divide the roles and responsibilities of divers.

Scuba diving club Diving coach Valters Preimanis, - “See an underwater beauty that others have never experienced. If extreme, unusual and challenging diving scenarios attract you, apply for an instructor to dive under the ice. ”

Ice diving is one of the most exciting types of scuba diving, you encounter conditions and see beauty that other people have never experienced. In addition, you could get a chance to play with the exhaled bubbles at the bottom of the ice.

Skills can be strengthened as a PADI Ice Diver Certificate for immediate respect, and usually many other divers question how it is under the ice.

To register for the Ice Diver course, you must have:

  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
  • must be at least 18 years old.

If you are looking for a new diving challenge and want to try something unusual, PADI Ice Diver course is the perfect solution. Ice diving is a completely unique experience from the typical recreational diving and will give you an advantage over many other divers. Imagine diving under a hard ice sheet and the opportunity to explore a place where there have been few divers - is your adventurous spirit ready for a challenge?

During the course, the diver will dive under the supervision of an instructor and in a secure leash.

You will learn ice diving planning, organization, methods and potential problems, as well as site selection, preparation, special equipment, signals and safety diving procedures. You will then, as an ICE Diver, put everything into action when you dive into the ice diving light zone (40 meters total distance from the surface, including vertical and horizontal).

The PADI ICE DIVER course will teach you these skills

  • Emergency breathing "Freeflow" training
  • What to do in case the regulator freezes
  • Transmission of signals using a rope

The course of the divers' dry suit is binding - Padi Dry Suit Dive and others diving courses

Apply for the course PADI Ice Diver can be using the contact form here.