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Divers dive for the first time in winter with the first stretcher (PADI ICE DIVER)

Divers dive for the first time in the winter with the first stretch PADI ICE Diving certificate. More about diving courses- PADI Ice Diver.
Thanks to Valters for the beautiful underwater video and montage to Juris! The video shows Jānis, who is scuba diving for the first time in Latvia! For the first time, scuba diving is our common knowledge.

- Water is always warmer than air.
- A person loses weight under water, it enters a world of gravity!
- within 45 minutes under water a person is unable to freeze,
- Three-fingered gloves are the warmest diving gloves !,
- Good adventure, swimming with fish,
- Breathing underwater is a great feeling!
- Weightlessness is a unique feeling!

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