Diving equipment regulator technician

Diving equipment technician - specialist, diving regulator service

Underwater diving is a challenging, interesting and rewarding profession that requires a high level of skill and knowledge. One of the most important roles in recreational and commercial diving is that of a dive equipment specialist. These diving equipment technicians - professionals are responsible for the maintenance of diving equipment, including diving [...]

Why are underwater scooters useful for divers?

As a diving instructor, I have seen firsthand how underwater scooters, or DPVs (Diver Propulsion Vehicles), can enhance the diving experience. These devices are useful for a variety of reasons, from improving the diver's mobility to increasing dive time. In this article I will focus on […]

Diving regulator maintenance

Underwater safety and regular maintenance of equipment

Authorized maintenance of diving equipment service is mandatory every year! When receiving a new diver's Open Water Diver certificate, a diver is often in a hurry to assemble their equipment. Usually a student seeks the advice of their instructor and bought new equipment that will serve the diver's entire life. Have got […]

Diving regulator maintenance

Diving equipment maintenance

Valters Preimanis, the instructor of the diving club "Diving", says about the maintenance of diving equipment, "Whether you dive every weekend or only on vacation, scuba diving equipment requires long-term, regular maintenance. With properly maintained equipment, you are more likely to be involved in safe diving and the equipment will do its job well. ”

Diving equipment rental

Diving equipment rental

We offer to use diving equipment rental. In our warehouse there are various models and sizes of diving equipment wetsuits, regulators, diving computers and other diving equipment elements. All the rented equipment has been serviced and is in good technical condition, which guarantees you […]

underwater scooter courses

Choice of neoprene suit thickness for divers and freedivers 3mm, 5mm or 7mm

When choosing a new neoprene suit for water athletes, the question often arises as to what thickness of neoprene suit to choose. Divers and freedivers get a long stay in the water, so choosing the right thickness of a neoprene suit is important to prevent freezing (hypothermia). The best way to get information is […]

Underwater 360 degree camcorder

The underwater world is one of those active sports that is worth capturing at a 360-degree angle, but it needs equipment that can do it. The Vyu360 underwater camcorder allows you to dive to a depth of 30 meters and film the world around 360 degrees, which could […]