Diver training

Diver training organization "PADI" is the world's largest organization of divers, freedivers and technical scuba divers, providing the highest quality standards, engaged in scuba diving training in recreational and sports diving.

More than 80% diving centers operate according to PADI diver training standards, certifying a total of 900,000 scuba divers annually, working in more than 200 different countries around the world.

We train complete beginners, as well as divers with experience, who want to start their scuba diving in Latvia or abroad. We offer training of divers of various specializations and issuance of international divers certificates. According to PADI diver training standards, you can get a diver certificate from the age of 10.

Diver training prices

Find out more about PADI diver training, many advanced diving specialties and certifications in the section  PADI diving courses and PADI Diving School.

The most popular diver training programs

We employ a number of high-level PADI certified instructors who teach both training of individual divers, though training of children of divers, both students and training of teen divers, and perform well corporate underwater training.

Apply for PADI diver training today contact form or mobile phone. t.220-77-202