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Scuba diving in Gozo, Malta

There are places available for an organized scuba diving trip, in an interesting place on the island of Gozo (Maltese archipelago), in the warm waters (25 degrees) off the coast of Africa. Possibility to pass PADI AOWD, Deep, Enriched Air and other scuba diving certificates with 15% discount by applying for the trip in time. The trip is organized by a Latvian scuba diving instructor together with the divers of the scuba diving club Daivings.lv.

Diving on the island of Gozo (Malta)

The Maltese island of Gozo is peaceful, with picturesque and rocky views, beautiful bays and beaches. Gozo is home to one of the oldest temples in the world.

The coastal waters of Gozo are also a popular place for those who want to swim, divers and tourists who want to go by boat, exploring both sea caves and beautiful underwater caves and arches from all sides.

Scuba Diving Malta, Gozo 8-15. October. Apply for 22077202

Scuba Diving Malta, Gozo 8-15. October, apply here

The price includes a unique scuba diving program in Gozo, Malta

  1. Direct flight Riga - Malta - Riga
  2. Transfer Malta Airport - Island of Gozo - Malta Airport
  3. Accommodation in apartments in Mediterranean style
  4. 5-day diving program 10 dives (+ night diving on request)
  5. The program includes underwater caves, arches and sunken shipwrecks
  6. A unique view of underwater nature and fauna
  7. Explore the island of Gozo

What is unique is Gozo, the island of Malta

The water in Gozo (Malta) in October is one of the clearest and warmest in the world, reaching 25 degrees. Fans of active scuba diving will enjoy diving up to a depth of 40 meters. Malta is a group of beautiful islands, located in southern Europe, in the central Mediterranean on an archipelago of five islands. Three of them are inhabited - Malta (the largest island), Audesha or Gozo and Kemnuna or Comino. Malta has a subtropical Mediterranean climate, with very warm winters and even hotter summers.

The warmest month is August, when the temperature reaches up to 34 ° C during the day and up to 24 ° C at night. Gozo (Malta) is one of the few places in Europe that is green all year round. Combines tours and golden beaches in Malta with a relaxing stay in Gozo. This cocktail of Mediterranean culture and cuisine will be a real holiday experience.

Register for the trip WatsUpp 220-77-202.

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