Sidemount Diver Scuba Certificate

Sidemount Diver Scuba Certificate

Sidemount Diver Scuba is a diver training course on the use of side-mounted balloons, which offers several advantages over traditionally placed balloons. Traditionally, diving balloons are located on the back, where they are attached to the buoyancy compensator vest "BCD", while for Sidemount diving balloons are attached to the side.

Sidemount Diver Scuba Diver Training Program

The Sidemount Diver Scuba can be both a first-level certification or a continuation of the Open Water Diver certification taught by a professional PADI diver instructor. Sidemount Diver Scuba courses are a diving training program consisting of theoretical and practical scuba diving lessons.

How the Sidemount Diver Scuba training works

  • Training theory in an easy-to-understand form, in the form of a video film on physics, physiology, the environment and diving equipment;
  • Several practical classes in the pool;
  • Open water classes;
  • Upon completion of the course and passing the exams, a Sidemount Diver Scuba certificate is issued.
Useful information about the Sidemount Diver Scuba certificate

  • The benefits of a Sidemount diver are easier access to tight spaces, such as a sunken ship's hull, as well as reduced back pressure;
  • The minimum age of the visitor is from 15 years of age, obtaining the internationally recognized “Sidemount Diver Scuba” certification;
  • Diver's equipment: equipment (wetsuit, mask, Sidemount buoyancy compensator (vest), fins, two breathing regulators, neoprene hat, booties, gloves, two balloons);
  • The necessary clothing for a diving course in the pool is a towel, swimsuit or swimming trunks;
  • The Sidemount Diver Scuba certification allows you to complete the Advanced Open Water Diver course and potentially achieve Divemaster certification in the future;
  • Training working hours are possible all year round, on working days or weekends - by agreement;
  • The training venue is located in a swimming pool and open water.
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