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Choice of neoprene suit thickness for divers and freedivers 3mm, 5mm or 7mm

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When choosing a new neoprene suit for water athletes, the question often arises as to what thickness of neoprene suit to choose. Divers and freedivers get a long stay in the water, so choosing the right thickness of a neoprene suit is important to prevent freezing (hypothermia). The best way to get information is to ask your diving instructor for advice, as he helps many divers to dress up every day before the lessons.

Various diving equipment manufacturers, such as Aqualung, Cressi and Sopras Sub, offer 1mm / 3mm / 5mm / 7mm thick neoprene suits for divers and freedivers. We also offer Dry Suit, diving suits in which the diver does not stay in contact with water, especially in cold conditions it is convenient to dive in 0-10 C degree cold water.

  • 1mm suit suitable for 25 degree temperature
  • The 3mm suit is suitable for 22-25 degree warm water
  • The 5mm suit is suitable for 15-18 degree warm water
  • The 7mm suit is suitable for 10-15 degree warm water

The cold resistance of each person must also be taken into account, it can vary considerably. The intensity of swimming also changes, in different sports disciplines, the more actively a person will move, the thinner the suit he will be able to wear. Below is a detailed table of temperature and matching suits offered by the suit manufacturer to select the suit thickness.

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  • We recommend that you always order a suit and equipment from a PADI instructor or choose an authorized center to receive the most appropriate and high-quality diving equipment with a guarantee.
  • Diving equipment, including a neoprene suit, compressed air balloons, a breathing regulator and a life jacket, requires annual maintenance.