PADI Divemaster DVD in Latvian

PADI Divemaster DVD ENG

The new PADI Divemaster video course has become the first PADI DVD material supplemented with Latvian subtitles. It gradually introduces the training and preparation procedure of the course and reflects the different professional activities of the diving leader (conducting briefings, providing control, helping to strengthen skills, assisting the instructor and running introductory programs).

PADI Divemaster DVD ENG

Now, taking the PADI Divemaster course will become more and more convenient - you will be able to prepare for practical classes (which are paid special attention to) by watching the video in your native language at home.
It is symbolic that this video course has become the first PADI material in Latvian, because it is the diving leader, as a future professional, who has a very important skill to evaluate his work from the side. In the future, other PADI video courses on DVD will be released in Latvian.


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