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In the TEC DEEP courses I have had many people ask me what is NOTOX and where is the definition found. Well, it is certainly in the DSAT Tec Deep book as well as the Tec TRIMIX also from DSAT. I thought I would include the definition as it is found in the DSAT Tec Deep instructors manual.

Notox Gas Switching Background/Wallpaper for TecRec student.


N – Note your name and the maximum depth on the cylinder labels

O – Observe your actual depth and compare to the MOD

T – Turn on the valve, Check the cylinder preasure

O – Orient the second stage by pulling it from the retaining bands.

X – eXamine your team mates – follow the hose form their mouth to the stage bottle.

So that is the NOTOX switch. Remember “one of the most common preventable causes of technical diver deaths is switching to the wrong gases for the depth.” So get out there and get tec diving! Not trained, let me know, I will be more then happy to do your training for you.

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