Daivings un zemūdens niršana

PADI Recre­ational Rebreather / rebrīzeru kursi

Recre­ational Rebreather

Zemūdens niršanas kluba “Daivings” instruktors, PADI MSDT niršanas treneris Valters Preimanis par rebrīzeru lietošanu niršanai saka:  Rebrīzers ir paredzēts tikai sertificētiem ūdenslīdējiem, kuri ir apmācīti izmantot elpošanas sistēmas, vai tiem ūdenslīdējiem, kuri atrodas tieši kvalificēta instruktora uzraudzībā. Pat ja jums ir pieredze zemūdens ekipējuma izmantošanā, iesakām veltīt laiku apgūt zināšanas konkrētā rebrīzera modeļa kursos. 

PADI uzsāk rebrīzeru kursu, kurš domāts atpūtas sporta nirējiem. Vairāk informācijas pieprasiet saviem instruktoriem.

Recre­ational Rebreather
Recre­ational Rebreather

Saturs angļu valodā:

Pre­pare your­self to teach PADI’s Recre­ational Rebreather Courses — what­ever your cur­rent rebreather cre­den­tials this is your oppor­tu­nity to join PADI’s Tec Rev­o­lu­tion. Make your life less com­pli­cated by becom­ing 100% PADI and get access to:

* PADI’s proven edu­ca­tional sys­tem
* State of the art mate­ri­als for you and your stu­dents
* Sup­port of PADI’s Tech­ni­cal Div­ing Con­sul­tants who all have closed cir­cuit rebreather div­ing expe­ri­ence
* Ben­e­fits of PADI’s inter­na­tional mar­ket­ing initiatives

How can you prepare?

Step 1:

To become a PADI Rebreather & Advanced Rebreather Instruc­tor you will need to:

* log a min­i­mum of 75 hours div­ing on a rebreather with a min­i­mum of 50 hours and 50 dives on the unit you will teach

* hold a diver level qual­i­fi­ca­tion on the rebreather and ensure it meets the key fea­tures of a PADI Type R rebreather.

*  ref­er­ence the other nec­es­sary require­ments to apply to become a PADIRebreather Instruc­tor by review­ing the Third Quar­ter 2011 Under­sea Journal.

Step 2:

Review the sched­ule below of recre­ational rebreather pro­grams that PADI Pros’ can attend. Spaces will be lim­ited so make sure you reg­is­ter early!

Down­load the reg­is­tra­tion forms here, con­tact your local PADI office, or visit the Pros’ site for fur­ther details.

Step 3:

Attend one of the global events that PADI Staff will be con­duct­ing espe­cially for Instruc­tors and Instruc­tor Train­ers to become PADI Rebreather Instruc­tors or PADIInstruc­tor Train­ers for these courses. There’s also time to pre­pare by build­ing your num­ber of hours on your selected unit in order to meet the course pre-requisites.

Recre­ational Rebreather Instruc­tor, Instruc­tor Trainer and Instruc­tor Crossover Course Dates in PADI Europe, Mid­dle East and Africa region.

Dates,  Loca­tion,  Program

Details of how to become a Tec Closed Cir­cuit Rebreather Instruc­tor and Tec Instruc­tor Trainer will be announced shortly.

For more infor­ma­tion email daivingslv@gmail.com