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Advantages of underwater scooters in diving

  • Diving with an underwater scooter is fun,
  • Reduce the diver's effort underwater,
  • Easily transport larger equipment,
  • To increase the speed of the diver,
  • Increases the distance traveled during diving allows the diver's underwater scooter.

PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) courses will help you choose the right underwater scooter or DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle). During the underwater scooter training course, you will do two scooter dives and learn:

Underwater scooter courses teach

  • Safety techniques for working with an underwater scooter
  • How to maintain and store your underwater scooter
  • How to plan a dive, including working with your dive partner
  • Underwater scooter driving skills such as proper landing and take-off
  • Potential problems and ways to solve them