Diving courses Enriched Air Diver



Diving courses PADI Enriched Air Diver scuba divers. Diver courses Enriched Air Diver expands the diver's knowledge, they prolong the time of decompression underwater and also reduces the diver's physical fatigue.

The diver is allowed to dive with enriched air, where the amount of oxygen exceeds 21%, (The composition of oxygen 22% - 40% in the breathing air is called NITROX).

  • Breathing with enriched air allows you to stay underwater for longer without reaching decompression time.
  • The course consists of practical exercises
  • After passing the exams, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate, which gives the right to use enriched air NITROX when diving.
  • The course can be started by an diver at OWD level or equivalent, minimum age 15 years.

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