Diving training in the pool

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If you want to feel weightless and free, go to a reservoir, where a certified instructor will teach you to dive underwater. Diving is considered to be one of the most complete forms of meditation, because when immersed, a person is alone with himself and in complete harmony in the world. Discover the exciting and mysterious underwater world!

About the diving offer in the pool

  • Diving training for 1 person or a full training course with a certificate
  • Towels, swimsuit or swimming trunks, as well as slippers must be taken with you to the training

What is a dating dive pool?

  • It is an unforgettable adventure in discovering the world of water
  • The first scuba diving in the pool, under the supervision of an instructor, takes place in a warm neoprene suit and diver's equipment.
  • During the reconnaissance, you will receive instructions on how to operate the diver's equipment
  • The instructor will show you how to attach a scuba balloon to a diver's buoyancy vest, how to attach a breathing regulator to the diver's balloon and vest
  • We adjust the dimensions of the fins and the suit to each diver, so tell your instructor in advance about the size of your feet and suit.
  • During the dive, the instructor will teach you to breathe with a regulator, to swim with a scuba, to blow water from the mask, to equalize the pressure in the ears, and also to teach basic hand signals.

Join the club and continue diving with the diving club Diving

  • After completing the intro dive, it is possible to continue diver training and obtain the international diver certificate "PADI Open Water Diver"
  • After obtaining the certificate, by participating in the trips organized by "" instructors, you will be able to visit the most beautiful diving places in the Baltic States -
  • Diving Dolomite quarry reservoir
  • Rumum underwater prison in Estonia,
  • diving in the national park Zemaitija lake Plateliai in Lithuania
  • and explore the world and explore the most beautiful underwater places on our planet.