Diver's guide (GPS coordinates for 25 dive sites in Latvia)




Each book you buy is a donation to help one child see the underwater world. All income will be taken over by the Mārupe Water Sports Association, which trains swimming, diving and rehabilitation for disabled children free of charge.

Diver's guide“, 1st edition of 2022, author Valters Preimanis with assistants. The best diving places in Latvian waters, GPS coordinates for 25 diving places. Ships and planes sunk in the Baltic Sea. This is a collection of 17 years of experience as a diver.

This guide is intended for a young explorer of the underwater world, who, together with his diving friend and camera, is exploring the wonderful depths of water, fauna and flora in Latvia.
GPS coordinates, reservoir locations and diagrams, access points, depths, temperature. From a flooded submarine to access to a sunken plane.
The most convenient access to Staburaga rock and Venta hub is described. Latvia has unique wrecks of ships that sank in the Baltic Sea, an airplane and reachable depths.

In order to have safe access to the underwater objects mentioned in the book, at least the diver's certificate "Open Diver" is required, which provides the necessary amount of knowledge and training.

Thank you to all the divers who took part in the Latvian lake expeditions, and with their energy they ensured that the lake exploration events took place. Thank you to all Latvian divers and scuba divers for their love of water. Huge thanks to the two masters, diving assistants and instructors of the diving club "Daivings.lv" for your great work and constant support! Thank you to the wonderful people for the support of the divers' club - Mārtiņš, Margarita, Līva, Gints, Rihards, Igors, Ruslans, Andris, and all the expert helpers who helped in our project - Andris, Edgars, Imants, Gatis, Aldis, Nora, Artis, Arthur, Uģis, Edgars, Jānis, Gundars, Eduards, Arnis, etc.

The book is published electronically. Offered with a club card subscription.