Cressi Commander Evolution BCD




  • The set retail price is ~599.00 Eur
  • With diving club card -10% for all purchases
  • Made in Italy
  • It is possible to test and buy from a diving club instructor, call 220-77-202, write to us and ask 
  • It is possible to buy Cressi catalog products at the best prices

The Commander Evolution BCD vest is impressively lightweight, with high buoyancy, rear mounted, anatomically designed for maximum comfort and wearability.

Its main features are the removable strap and the airbag.

The rear-mounted air cell does not interfere with the main underwater component or the adjustment straps, even when inflated to maximum.

This means additional freedom of movement and buoyancy for the diver.

The special air cell compression strap guarantees ultra-fast deflation and volume control.

Ultra-light, rigid back plate with integrated carrying handle provides optimal stability.

Its integrated Cressi Flat-Lock-Aid weight system makes it super easy to release the pockets and rear ballast bags (attached to the tank block tape).

Accessories include four 50mm shoulder aluminum D-rings and four 25mm aluminum D-rings (two in the pockets and two on the lower part of the belt).

There are 3 pressure relief valves: one on the top of the hose, one roller operated valve on the right side of the shoulder and a third on the lower right side of the air cell.