Cressi Patrol BCD, diving buoyancy compensator



Professional diving vest with integrated weight pockets

  • Cressi Patrol BCD is a quality diving vest designed for long life and load
  • Professional and sports diving vest Cressi Patrol BCD is available in different sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL).
  • Integrated weight pockets lighten the diver's waist and reduce the strain on the back
  • Winged inflation chamber makes it easier to maintain a horizontal position in the water, reducing the effort of long-distance swimming
  • To purchase a product from a diving club instructor, call 220-77-202, write to us and ask 
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Cressi Patrol construction

The Cressi Patrol BCD offers interesting new features compared to its predecessor, the Cressi BCD. It combines the benefits of a rear inflation, back air chamber with the versatility of a traditional vest and provides two roomy zipped pockets in addition to the built-in weight system.

Cressi authorized dealer Latvia

According to the Cressi distribution rules, this product can only be sold offline at a scuba diving club. "DIVING“. It is not allowed to sell it online, but we can still sell it with the help of an instructor! Cressi has created a range of high-end Cressi products Atelier Line and allows selected Cressi merchants to sell them only offline.