Cressi Raffaello Computer, underwater diving computer




Rectangular widescreen computer for scuba diving

• High contrast display. very large numbers, position for easy reading.
• Intuitive, easy access menu
• 12/24 time and calendar
• Backlit display
• Surface time, saturation time, no flight time
• Low battery warning
• Metric or imperial measurements
• Long lasting battery
• User replaceable battery
• Diving (air/nitrox) program
• Cressi rgbm algorithm
• Complete dive data developer
• Ppo2 1.2-1.6 setting
• Different air mixtures that can be managed during diving: gas 1 21-50% gas 2 21-99% gas3 21-99%
• Graphical indicator of oxygen toxicity levels cns
• Safety stop indicator
• The safety factor can be set at different levels
• Height setting
• Uncontrolled emersion algorithm
• Ability to switch between nitrox and air diving during desaturation
• Time displayed during the dive
• Ability to insert/cancel deep stop
• Loud alarms when ascent rate, decompression stop or ppo2 are violated
• Takeoff alarms can be disabled
• Full reset possible. useful for rent.
• Ability to plan a dive without decompression
• Free (apnea) program
• Visualization of all dive data
• Depth
• Water temperature
• Dive counter
• Maximum diving depth
• Dive time
• Surface interval between dives
• Duration of the diving session
• Surface interval
• Recovery time alarm
• Gage program (without decompression calculator)
• Depth/temperature indicator
• Average depth
• Dive time in minutes/seconds
• The depth timer can be reset
• Visible during daytime diving
• Off mode
• Sensors are disabled to allow snorkeling and swimming
• Log up to 50 dives per program type