Cressi Pro Light flippers




A very advanced design for these flippers, made from two materials with very different properties: strong polypropylene for the blade and soft elastomers (thermo-rubber) for the foot and protective inserts. The result is an extremely light and balanced mid-sized flipper with amazing response time and tremendous traction. Side braces that run the length of the blade and two flaps along the tip of the blade itself make the fin very directional. The blade comes from the top of the foot pocket, with the 20% having a larger useful surface area compared to a traditional fin of the same length. The foot pocket is computer designed and guarantees perfect transfer of thrust from the foot fin. The lightness and perfect balance of the materials, together with the extremely modern design, make the Rondine Pro Light generous flippers that provide excellent performance without excessive physical effort.

Perfect for both beginners and professionals, these fins are very popular among instructors and technical divers.