Cressi Glacier HD 4mm Man, DrySuit



Glacier is a 4mm pre-compressed high density neoprene durable dry suit. The main feature of the Glacier is its collar and wrist seal. It is made of latex. This ensures the best possible adhesion to the body and reduces the chance of water leaking into the suit.

Both the collar and wrist seal are adjustable. Have them cut to your exact size for a perfect fit. The collar and wrists are also replaceable if worn or accidentally broken. The icemaker has a second 1.5mm neoprene collar for additional thermal protection.

The shoulders, back, hips and knees are reinforced with x-diamond pad material, making this wetsuit highly durable. The feet are made of soft and flexible neoprene for a comfortable fit. Inside the dry suit, two straps will hold the suit in place when it is open.

The zipper is covered with a neoprene flap. The charge valve is activated by a side button, while the discharge valve is adjustable. Glacier has two large pockets on the sides of the legs to conveniently store the extra gear you want to carry underwater