Cressi Ara EBS SB Fins fins



Cressi Ara EBS Fins fins with open heel

  • Designed for diving and snorkeling
  • For use with a neoprene boot
  • Available sizes M, L, XL
  • Made in Italy
  • It is possible to test and buy from a diving club instructor, call 220-77-202, write to us and ask 
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Cressi Ara EBS fins

The main feature of these fins is its polypropylene blade, which provides excellent diving and a horizontal position under water. The weight of the fins is small, it is no longer a problem when traveling. These fins provide greater squeezing force for the diver, resulting in a great effort / performance ratio. A special groove for drainage formed on the surface provides excellent stability and direction.

The rubber foot pocket is very comfortable to wear and the ergonomic design ensures proper attachment. The heel strap, which is an exclusive Cressi design, is a special round rubber cord link that adapts perfectly to all foot sizes and shapes and provides a comfortable, practical and manageable fastening.

Ara Ebs fins come in two degrees of firmness: HB (hard spatula) and SB (soft spatula). They cater to all the needs of experienced divers, from professional professionals to experienced enthusiasts.