Scuba diving for bachelor party

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Scuba diving for a bachelor or hen party is a great way to get new and memorable emotions. A great gift for every lover of active recreation and adventure Scuba diving for bachelor party.

Scuba diving at the bachelor party is accompanied by an instructor in the underwater park

If you want to feel weightlessness and freedom, go to the dolomite reservoir in Sloka, where a certified instructor will teach you to dive underwater. It is considered to be one of the most complete forms of meditation, because when immersed, one is alone with oneself and in complete harmony in the world. Discover the fascinating and mysterious underwater world!

About the diving offer - Scuba diving for a bachelor party

  • The diving lesson is for 1 person
  • it is possible to supplement a full diving training course with a PADI certificate
  • Duration of the diving lesson in one lesson: 120 minutes of dressing, briefing and water
  • Towels, swimsuit or swimming trunks, as well as slippers must be taken with you to the training

What is outdoor scuba diving?

  • It is an unforgettable adventure in discovering the world of water
  • The first scuba diving, under the supervision of an instructor, takes place in a warm neoprene suit and diver's equipment.
  • During the reconnaissance, you will receive instructions on how to operate the diver's equipment
  • The instructor will show you how to attach a scuba balloon to a diver's buoyancy vest, how to attach a breathing regulator to the diver's balloon and vest
  • We adjust the dimensions of the fins and the suit to each diver, so tell your instructor in advance about the size of your feet and suit.
  • During the dive, the instructor will teach you to breathe with a regulator, to swim with a scuba, to blow water from the mask, to equalize the pressure in the ears, and also to teach basic hand signals.

Join the club and continue diving with the diving club Diving

  • After obtaining the certificate, by participating in trips organized by "" instructors, you will be able to tour the most beautiful diving places in the Baltic States - the underwater park Sloka in Latvia,
  • Underwater prison Rum in Estonia
  • Diving in the Zemaitija Lake Plateliai National Park in Lithuania
  • As well as get to know the world and explore the most beautiful underwater places on our planet.