Digital Underwater Photographer Manual by PADI, a book in English or Russian



Diver's textbook for the future, internationally certified diver. We offer to order the book "Digital Underwater Photographer" as a nice gift for a young diver together with the first diving course or Introdive.

Digital Underwater Photographer Manual - Diver training materials for PADI Digital Underwater Photographer courses are available in English or Russian, as well as other languages upon request.

Digital Underwater Photographer Dive Manual is an easy - to - read and detailed textbook designed to provide the student with the fastest and safest system to complete a course.

PADI diving course materials

The PADI Diver Training Organization has developed training materials to make a set of training materials available to all dive course participants that can be learned and used during and after the course. During the course, the instructor will explain everything you need in your native language (Latvian, Russian or English).

Not sure what you need or have questions about our range of PADI materials? Just give us a call.

Scuba diving courses

Diving club "Diving", we are a 100% Latvian diving company, our experienced diving team is ready to help everyone. Diving club DIVING offer scuba diving courses, beginners and experienced divers, apply for individual dry suit, full face mask or scuba diving courses! We are learning to dive in a dry suit training course. For people who want to breathe through their noses and talk underwater, or have a cold-sensitive face, a full-face mask training course will come in handy. Underwater scooter courses available in Latvia.

PADI diving instructor in Latvia

Scuba diving club DIVING The training is conducted by the International Association of Professional Diver Instructors PADI, scuba diving trainer, technical diving and free diving instructor Valters Preimanis with professional assistants. - Tel./WhatsApp 220-77-202