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„Hub Career“ nardymo turai iš Rygos


More information about Rummu Karjäär

In the small town of Rummu, located some 45 km west from the Estonian capital of Tallinn, lies the eponymous quarry lake. There is a building right in the middle of it which lower part is submersed. And it is this lower part that hides an underwater prison called Murru.
This underwater prison is a very popular tourist destination, drawing swimmers and divers from all over the world. Although it has a very distinct eerie character, this location is very popular with the locals too who call it “the blue lagoon”.
We’ve been there multiple times and we have to say – it’s an awesome place for a relaxing dive! You can practice your skills if you are a certified diver or try scuba diving if you are not experienced diver. Come and join us! Call +371-22077202


Rummu Karjäär underwater photos

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