Super Aviator - a new generation of civilian submarines

If you have felt that everything is going too slow while diving along the coral reefs of the Red Sea, then maybe you have time to look in the direction of the submarine Super Aviator? This submarine flies underwater, just like an airplane. Submarine "Super Aviator" can accommodate 2 people, […] sports activist with the Latvian flag on hand

Diving activists dress in stylish jackets activists dress in stylish jackets. Thanks to the idea of BH2, five activists took a new turn, and scuba diving activist forms were ordered. The color of the jacket could be chosen by themselves - dark blue, light blue, yellow and white tones were chosen. Each activist was […]

Adding articles

How to add articles to the new portal We register our author account, on this page We post a comment in this article, at the bottom - I just registered with the username ****, appoint me as the author. When the administrator appoints the new author, we will add it db Go to […]

The diver BH2 is about to set a new Guinness World Record

The most active scuba diver of the Forum BH2, whose list of achievements includes the creation of a White Shark model, as well as the creation of a Nessia plentazaur's counterpart, together with its supporters, is going to set a new Guinness World Record for underwater checkers! Read more about […]

not bored

Sloka's quarry will lower Nessia underwater

Today at 13 o'clock in Sloka quarry, which is a popular diving site, a unique underwater inhabitant - Nesija - will be launched. This is a unique project of enthusiasts, the aim of which was to create a historical underwater warm-blooded animal plesiosaur counterpart. The image of a pleziosaur or Nesia is six meters long

Military equipment in the depths of the sea

Poseidon collaborates with the Sharm el-Sheikh club "Dive Africa", whose co-owner is Pavel Yudin from Russia, but has been living in Egypt for several years. "When we arrive, they always bring raisins to the trip," says Semyonov. Near Sharm El Sheikh is Kohraba - […]

Why start diving?

How deep was that last lobe? Were sharks visible? Were any treasures found? These and other questions are usually asked by divers when they return from a trip. I can usually answer this: divers usually don't dive too deep, […]