Inspection of berths

Underwater survey of berths is only one part of many underwater works that are required in many cases. The berth is being completed and the customer wants to see the works; Regular inspection of the marina; Underwater inspection of bridges; Port berth inspection. The cost of an underwater survey shall be determined on the basis of […]


Inspection of underwater objects

Owners of yachts and motor boats, and more, often need to look at their craft to check its technical condition and check its condition. These underwater works are called Underwater Object Inspection. Underwater work can be done with […]

Underwater survey of ships

Underwater survey of ships

The specialists of our company have many years of experience in underwater inspection of ships and berths. Thus, for example, our underwater work specialists have developed a new technology for the inspection of underwater objects using an underwater autonomous device. Underwater inspection of berths During the inspection of berths, the underwater part of the berth is inspected, everything […]

Underwater archeology

Underwater archeology studies archeological monuments located under water (seas, rivers, lakes). We have performed underwater surveying and filming works for the Alūksne Lake archeology project, as well as for others. Underwater archeological objects Underwater archeological objects include sunken ships, ancient habitats, tombstones, which […]