Places on the Daugava flooded by Riga HPP

Riga HPP ensures environmentally friendly electricity generation Daugava hydropower plants generate up to 90% of electricity generated in Latvia using renewable resources and without emitting emissions into the atmosphere. Daugava HPP provides environmentally friendly electricity production because it uses renewable energy resources - water. Riga HPP […]

Divers carry out cleaning work in municipal and private swimming pools

We perform swimming pool cleaning work quickly and conscientiously We perform underwater cleaning and cleaning work thoroughly, conscientiously, and with a great sense of responsibility. Apply for bathing cleaning works by phone 220-77-202. Apply for underwater work using the form here. The pictures show how the best divers of the company are Walter, […]

Underwater filming in winter, filming movies

In the underwater filming area in winter, when there is ice, we are in full diving equipment, winter diving clothes. The divers of our diving club "Diving" have assisted the divers in the most important moments of filming in the water in winter, at temperatures from -10 C to -20 C. Filming ground in winter Diver […]

Rescue services

A savior is a person who saves a person or property from harm or danger. Rescuers are trained in technical rescue, diver rescue, extraction rescue and / or technical firefighting. The term is commonly used by rescuers, and in many positions its name […]

Underwater technical inspection

Diving services bed sampling

We perform professional works of divers to obtain soil samples from berth beds in the port water area. In performing the tasks, we have performed soil sampling, both in the water area of Ventspils port and Riga port, at a depth of at least 10 meters. After soil sampling, bed samples are delivered […]

Underwater technical inspection

Underwater technical inspection

We have performed underwater technical inspections, underwater works in the largest brushes in Latvia - Riga, Ventspils and Liepāja ports, hydroelectric power plants (HPPs), the Gulf of Riga, the Irbe Strait, as well as many other state and municipal objects. Certified technical divers / divers - scuba divers offer […]

Technical safety diver

Technical safety diver in Latvia

If you are looking for a professional safety diver in Latvia for your filming project, you are in the right place. We, the largest scuba diving center "" in Latvia, and our diving instructor, also a professional operator and PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer as a safety diver. Specialized diving services for movies […]

Diving in Kandava outdoor pool

Diving in Kandava outdoor pool

We have carried out scuba diving in the Kandava Stadium, outdoor pool in the reservoir and inspected it to assess the suitability of the pool for filming and stunt tricks. During the inspection, the pool was cleaned, the part of the pool under the springboard was freed from construction that hinders jumpers […]