Creating a depth map for a lake and a river, the experience of Latvian specialists

The production of accurate depth maps of lakes and rivers with depth curves is very important for various applications such as navigation, hydrological modeling and environmental management. Bathymetry specialists of the company "Dronelab" in Latvia play an important role in the accurate mapping of the depth of these water bodies. In this article created by […]

Underwater search works

Monitoring of the seabed deposit over a period of several years

Monitoring of seabed sediments in the port of Riga: a comprehensive approach to data acquisition. The team of SIA "Dronelab" - divers, bathymetry specialists, underwater drone specialists, work managers and a team of specialists engaged in various underwater works, including monitoring of seabed sediments, contacts Valters Preimanis, tel. […]

What are professional underwater thickness gauges for commercial divers

Professional divers need accurate and reliable ultrasonic underwater thickness measurement instruments and software for various purposes, such as metal thickness inspection, maintenance and repair of underwater structures, ships and pipelines. Some of the most popular, the Latvian underwater diving company Dronelab SIA, for professional divers underwater […]

Underwater cleaning works in Latvia

Underwater cleaning works with the help of a diver

Underwater cleaning work is an important task that requires precision, skill and the right equipment. It's important to choose the right team for the job, and Dronelab, an underwater company, prides itself on being the best choice for professional underwater cleaning work. Our team of commercial divers are […]

Underwater technical inspection with Chasing and Fifish drones helps commercial divers

Underwater inspection/viewing with the help of an underwater drone, rent/rent in Latvia, Riga with an operator. "Dronelab" SIA, works manager, tel. 220-77-202 View offer - Underwater drone rental/hire with operator V6S ROV for professional underwater survey work Underwater inspection and surveying are very important elements in many industries, [...]

What are the most useful compressed air hand tools for commercial divers

Commercial diving requires a very wide range of tools, the experience of Dronelab, the head of commercial underwater diving, requires specialized tools and equipment to ensure safety and efficiency when working underwater. Compressed air hand tools are an essential part of a diver's tool kit […]

Cygnus DIVE Underwater Gauge

How an ultrasonic underwater pipe and wall thickness gauge helps divers

Diving in the depths of water is a very responsible and can be a dangerous activity, especially when checking the walls and pipes of historical underwater structures, confirms "Dronelab" SIA, head of underwater works. Divers must be secured, equipped with the correct tools to ensure their safety and test accuracy. […]

Underwater technical works, diving survey of the hydroelectric power plant building in Daugava

Underwater technical works in Latvia, divers perform diving in the survey works of the hydroelectric power plant building. The picture shows how the divers of SIA "Dronelab" survey the condition of the hydroelectric power plant and pump building up to a depth of 15 meters in the Daugava river. Visible distance underwater is 0.1-0.5 meters, water temperature 5C. Filming […]