Mango Kaboat 420

Inflatable boat "Mango Kaboat 420"

The Mango Kaboat 420 is a special type of inflatable kayak that is both an inflatable rowing boat and a motorboat. It can be used as a regular kayak by simply paddling anywhere - in a lake, river or sea. It also works great with a small electric […]

Start and build your diving career already this year!

What to do on a hot summer day? Of course, go scuba diving and get into a nice, chilling world! This day's motto is - Continue your diving adventure in this hot summer time ☀️🔥☀️ and build your diving career already this year! To become a “PADI Rescue […]

World Ocean Day

Every year, World Oceans Day is celebrated around the world, reminding people of the importance of the oceans in our daily lives. They act as the lungs of our planet, supplying most of the oxygen we absorb. June marks World Ocean Day, which reminds people […]

Scuba diving can prolong life expectancy

Scuba diving can prolong life expectancy

There are no age restrictions for diving training, several 70-year-olds have completed the Open Water Diver course at the diving club. Many families with children come, and grandfathers with grandsons also come to training, so that everyone can do this exciting sport together, ”confirms the Latvian […]

Diving with glasses or contact lenses

Scuba diving if you wear contact lenses or goggles

Can you scuba dive or dive if you wear contacts or goggles? Of course! We have access to the two most popular options for divers with good underwater vision: Buy a scuba mask with optical lenses. Wear disposable […]

Scuba diving makes divers feel good

Scuba diving makes divers feel good

Sometimes we all just need to do it for the first time, try the first diving lesson with an instructor, the rest is already happening on its own, says the international divers association PADI, instructor Valters Preimanis, who teaches more than 40 divers specializing in Latvia. There are several […]

Underwater meditation: scuba diving for inner peace

Underwater meditation: scuba diving for inner peace

Valters Preimanis, an instructor of the International Divers Association and the founder of the Mārupe Water Sports Association, who has been practicing diving for 17 years, says about diving: “I am convinced that scuba diving can make you feel great in different ways. It is also […]

Amber on the Baltic coast and its location

Healthy walks along the sea are sometimes a good surprise for souvenir seekers. The Baltic Sea throws amber, or sun stones, it usually happens after big storms in the S, SW direction, so be vigilant by the sea. Amber is a beautiful gemstone that was formed before […]

Scuba diving helps in relieving stress

Study: Scuba diving helps relieve stress

A 2017 study by French mental health institutions found that recreational diving could be more effective in reducing stress and improving mental well-being than other sports. Recreational sports improve the mood of divers who report physical activity during the holidays […]