Scuba diving in Rummu quarry

Rummu quarry lake with its clear water and diverse lake bed has been attracting scuba divers for a long time. The former quarry houses a peculiar underwater museum, which offers a spectacular experience for scuba diving enthusiasts. Rummu quarry former village buildings Former Rummu quarry mine […]

Diving Pinku lake

Diving in Lake Pinku, September 23. When planning the diving of Pinku (Pinķi by place) lake, it must be taken into account that the lake is a protected nature park and is a specially protected nature territory in Ēdole parish of Kuldīga region. The average depth of Pinki Lake is 5.0 meters, but the maximum […]

Diving in the deepest lake in Latvia.

Diving in the deepest lake in Latvia Drīdzis

Drīdzis is the deepest lake in Latvia and the Baltics. The lake is located in the eastern part of Latvia - in Latgale, near Krāslava, at the foot of Sauleskalns. It was formed during the Ice Age by moving large icebergs. The maximum depth of the lake is -65 meters. The average depth of the lake is 15 meters. The lake is […]

Diving in France

An organized diving trip in the south of France Jacques Iv Cousteau, an officer in the French navy, and Emil Ganyan, an engineer, invented scuba diving in 1942, discovering the splendor of the underwater world to millions of people. Cousteau himself later said that this invention not only gave humanity a depth, but also […]

Diving in Saurieši career

Diving in Saurieši quarry (Sauriešu parking lot 56.914321, 24.346352) is possible all year round, also in winter. In summer, the water does not heat the quarry, the depth of which in some places can reach a depth of up to 15 meters. Saurieši quarry is one of the few water bodies where visibility in the water can reach 5 […]

Diving in the abandoned Rummu submarine prison in Estonia

Not far from the Estonian capital Tallinn is a unique place that will surprise both beginners and experienced divers, it is the Rummu submarine prison and quarry. In the old quarry there is a flooded prison, the prisoners of which were involved in the extraction of dolomite. Also on the territory functioned Soviet […]

Diving in a Rum Career

Divers from Latvia take part in the trip to Estonia, Rummu Karjäär. In a small town near Tallinn is an interesting place that attracts divers from all over the world. Here is a submerged prison called Murru. The local Rum Quarry is also called the Blue Lagoon, […]

Hub Career scuba diving tours from Riga

Rummu Karjäär scuba diving tours from Riga More information about Rummu Karjäär In the small town of Rummu, located some 45 km west of the Estonian capital of Tallinn, lies the eponymous quarry lake. There is a building right in the […]