Underwater search club "Aquilon"

Underwater search club "Akvilons" operated in Latvia from 1984 to 1989. (The information is being clarified). They used to be located at the address - Olīvu street 3, Riga. The name of the underwater diving club comes from ancient Roman mythology - "Aquilon" is a god who personifies a strong north wind. […]

Riga Underwater Sports Club Amphibious scuba divers Viktors Svirido

Riga underwater sports club "Amphibija"

Underwater sports club "Amphibija" operated in Latvia from 1963 to 1985. (Information is being clarified) Several dozen divers worked in the club, such as Eduards Smirnovs, DOSAAF Riga Sea Club underwater sports instructor Eduards Tkachenko, Bruno Pilots, Viktors Svirido, engineer Vladimirs Stepanovs, Gennadys Opolchennys, engineer [...]

Latvian underwater workers are at the bottom

With this article, we continue the series of articles on the history of Latvian divers. Let's preserve the history of Latvian underwater sports! We invite Latvian underwater sports veterans to apply, or people who know underwater athletes or harbor divers. The article contains excerpts from newspapers (1920-1930) and […]

motorboat AVON Adventure 620 with engine 140hp

Motorboat for work, with a captain, is it possible to rent?

Apply to rent a motorboat, on this page (Work manager - "Dronelab" SIA, telephone tel. 220-77-202, e-mail: mail @dronelab.lv) What motorboats with a captain can be rented? International waters motorboat AVON Adventure 620 with engine Yamaha 140hp. There is a car trailer, the boat can be taken anywhere [...]

Shipwrecks of Cape Kolka - cultural and historical heritage under the waves

Diver Valentin describes his experience with a ship "Ernestini", which ran aground in Kolka a century ago, and his experience with the local "Pirates from Kolčenia". Steamship - sailing ship sunk in Cape Kolka In order to be able to help me "from above", the boat was anchored above the deck between the two […]

Burinieks Moscow - cultural and historical heritage under the waves

Burinieks, war gunship, Moscow ("Москва") sank off the coast of Latvia on October 7, 1758. This is a story about the wrecks that sank near Latvia. Burinieks is one of the significant sunken shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea, the important metal parts of which were brought out in 1936. Sailor, […]