Burinieks Moscow - cultural and historical heritage under the waves

Burinieks, war gunship, Moscow ("Москва") sank off the coast of Latvia on October 7, 1758. This is a story about the wrecks that sank near Latvia. Burinieks is one of the significant sunken shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea, the important metal parts of which were brought out in 1936. Sailor, […]

A diver finds ancient historical relics at the bottom of the sea

Diving enthusiasts often find ancient relics underwater. Passionate underwater diver Māris Mitriķis, while diving with the diving club "Divings" in Albania, found an army-type aluminum water frog on the bottom, which fell to the bottom, near the Italian ship "SS Probitas" before […]

Diving on a Douglas US WW2 aircraft

Airplane Douglas A-20 (Boston, Heavok) US bomber in the Gulf of Riga

How did the US plane - bomber Douglas A20 get into the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Riga? The American bomber Douglas A-20 (also “Boston”, “Heavok”) is one of the famous series of aircraft that the United States lent to the Red Army to fight fascism, World War II […]

German Schiffbeck 1930-1944

Shipwreck SS Hochsee, German 1927-1944 (2245 GRT) near Pavilosta

Shipwreck, German steamship, 1927-1944 (2245 GRT) German cargo ship, steamer "SS Hochsee" is located 10 minutes from Pāvilosta Marine! The ship is a popular place for fishermen. Known as “Hohse” and earlier before identification, after its cargo name – “покришки” (tyres), the found […]

German Schiffbeck 1930-1944

Shipwreck Schiffbek German 1930-1944 (2158 GRT) near Liepāja

The shipwreck, the former German cargo ship, the steamer "Schiffbek", was launched in 1930, sunk on November 6, 1944, located near Liepāja, at a depth of 12 meters! Known as "Šifbek" and earlier before identification, after its cargo name - "рельсы" (rails), "часы" (clocks) cargo. Steamship/SS […]

Diving into the historical heritage of the Baltic Sea

The heritage of the Baltic Sea, wreck diving is available for technical divers. The minesweeper "Yenisei" lies at a depth of 47 meters on one side, the water temperature of 4C has well preserved this shipwreck, which is a cultural monument of Estonia. Yenisei minesweeper Very well preserved […]