Divator MKII

Interspiro Divator MKII full face mask

Pilna sejas maska ​​Divator (AGA) MKII un elpošanas vārsts Maska Interspiro Divator (AGA) MKII ir aprīkota ar iekšējo masku un atsevišķiem ieelpošanas un izelpas kanāliem, kas savienojas ar kanāliem elpošanas vārstā. Tas nodrošina, ka ieelpošanas un izelpas gaiss netiks sajaukts. […]

Drowned Iphone or gold wedding ring, what to do?

Invites divers, professional scuba divers from the diving club "Diving". We help people recover lost property from the underwater environment, in summer or winter! WhatsApp 220-77-202. The hottest divers under water We call us often in the summer, hot weather calls people to the water and carefree […]

Open water diver, diving club

Diving licenses for tourist recreation

Diving licenses for tourist recreation in Crete Questions and answers about scuba diving have been prepared together with the diving club Diving, diving instructor Valters Preimanis. Usually people have many questions about scuba diving. You can also ask your question using the contact form. Consultation on […]

Yoga and diving

Surface diving and yoga are related activities, as breathing is important for living in both activities. You may remember the key phrase from your open water course, Open Diver, that the most important rule of diving is to "breathe constantly and never hold your breath", yogis […]

Swimming pool for children and beginners

Take part in creating a pool where you can learn diving for children and beginners

Diving club "Diving" in 2021 is committed to completing the pool, where children and novice divers can learn to dive. Complete the training in 2021 and 15% of your training price will be directed to the creation of the pool. The pool will be suitable for rehabilitation purposes. You have the opportunity to participate and with your […]

Swimming pool for children and beginners

Free diving lesson

Dive with the club "DIVING" and help dive for others We help low-income children and low-income families! Apply for an acquaintance if he is on a low income, dreams of water, but cannot afford to dive. We will train and show one person once a month […]

Questions and answers about scuba diving

Questions and answers about scuba diving

When you, as a young diver, tell your friends and colleagues that you have recently dived and are now a certified scuba diver, their immediate response is likely to be intriguing: “Wow. Did you do it? I'm not sure I could do that! ”[…]

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How deep can you scuba dive?

Many new open water divers, young divers ask how deep they are allowed to dive as an Open Diver compared to an Extended Open Diver. According to Valters Preimanis, the instructor of the diving club "Diving", "This is the depth at which you will be stopped and will not be allowed […]