Water safety measure

Measure "On water safety"

Event "On safety on water", Lielvārde, near the Daugava Several services participated in the event, such as Jaunsardze, Jumprava Red Cross Operational Unit, Municipal Police, diving club "Diving", which provided information to residents about safety on water. The event was attended by services that provided information in an interesting way […]

Swimming pool for children and beginners

How to care for a diving and diving mask, five useful tips?

Diving club "Daivings.lv" recommends five useful tips on how to take care of a diving and diving mask. Does the maintenance of diving equipment affect the safety of diving, we ask Walter Preiman, a PADI instructor at the diving club "Diving"? Just as you take care of the regular maintenance of your car, you need to follow […]

How does a person's vision change underwater?

The answer to the question "How does a person's vision change underwater?" prepared by diving club "Diving" diver Margarita Zommere. Refractive indices in water Water and air have different refractive indices that affect how light travels in the environment. As our eyes […]

How long is one diving lesson?

Valters Preimanis, instructor of the diving club "Diving", answers the question - How long is one diving lesson? The duration of one lesson in the diving course "Open Water Diver" is 120-150 minutes. (2-2.5 hours). There are more than 26 skills in the Open Water Diver course in total, […]

Divator MKII

Interspiro Divator MKII full face mask

Full Face Mask Divator (AGA) MKII and Breathing Valve The Interspiro Divator (AGA) MKII mask is equipped with an internal mask and separate inhalation and exhalation channels that connect to the channels in the breathing valve. This ensures that the inhaled and exhaled air will not be mixed. […]

Drowned Iphone or gold wedding ring, what to do?

Invites divers, professional scuba divers from the diving club "Diving". We help people recover lost property from the underwater environment, in summer or winter! WhatsApp 220-77-202. The hottest divers under water We call us often in the summer, hot weather calls people to the water and carefree […]