The third diving festival in Latvia, in Laukezera, Jēkabpils district

The third diving festival in Latvia, in Jēkabpils district Laukezera! Diving club "Divings", organized diving in the most beautiful and clear lake of Latvia. Recommended for divers, snorkelers and swimmers of all levels. Event program for 3 days – Tent site for 10 tents (tent pitch in a private area by the lake) [...]

Diving instructor Valters Preimanis

What are the pros and cons of cold water scuba diving?

Key Benefits of Cold Water Diving Unique Marine Life Encounters Cold water scuba diving gives you the opportunity to encounter unique marine species that are specially adapted to colder temperatures. From majestic orcas to vibrant kelp forests, the biodiversity in cold water environments can be truly […]

The cold is good for training

Learn to scuba dive in cold water and its unexpected benefits

Scuba diving is an exciting activity that allows people to explore the fascinating underwater world. While warm tropical waters are considered by many to be the ideal diving environment, learning to dive in cold water can offer its own unique set of rewards, confirms a diving club instructor […]

Snorkeling or scuba diving

Why should I take up diving?

Diving is one of the most exciting and exciting sports in the world. It is a unique and exciting experience that opens up a whole new world under the surface of the water. From exploring exotic underwater landscapes to meeting beautiful sea creatures, diving offers an unparalleled adventure and thrill […]

Risks of scuba diving

Safe scuba diving and the important role of a diving instructor

Deep sea diving has always been an exciting experience for adventure seekers. But as much as we want to dive into the unknown and explore the underwater world, safety should always be our top priority. Scuba diving is a sport that involves various safety procedures, rules [...]

Sea legends remain a modern reality, diving in ancient times and today

Snorkeling and mermaiding are growing the worldwide community of underwater explorers. Diving begins with teaching children to dive The human fascination with the underwater world, what lives there, and its exploration dates back to ancient history, as if encoded in our DNA code. […]

Achieving the PADI Divemaster degree in one year

Obtaining the PADI Divemaster degree within one year in Latvia and abroad The Underwater Diving Club prepares divers for the PADI Divemaster certificate. Congratulations to diver Jānis Briedis on achieving the PADI Divemaster degree, in the underwater diving club "Zemudens niršanas klubs Divings", together with PADI TEC [...]

Open Water Diver PADI Open Water Diver Diver training.jpg

Snorkeling or scuba diving: similarities and differences

Both diving and snorkeling are great activities for anyone who loves the water and wants to learn about lakes and marine life in their natural environment. The main difference between snorkeling and scuba diving is the type of air supply. Breathing with scuba allows longer [...]

Water safety measure

Measure "On water safety"

Event "On safety on water", Lielvārde, near the Daugava Several services participated in the event, such as Jaunsardze, Jumprava Red Cross Operational Unit, Municipal Police, diving club "Diving", which provided information to residents about safety on water. The event was attended by services that provided information in an interesting way […]

Swimming pool for children and beginners

How to care for a diving and diving mask, five useful tips?

Diving club "" recommends five useful tips on how to take care of a diving and diving mask. Does the maintenance of diving equipment affect the safety of diving, we ask Walter Preiman, a PADI instructor at the diving club "Diving"? Just as you take care of the regular maintenance of your car, you need to follow […]