Knights of Dzelme

Aleksandrs Kalvāns “Knights of the Brain”

The book "Dzelmes bruņinieki" contains photos of many former and active Latvian diving athletes, including photos with the activities of the diving club "Diving", and uses information from the materials provided by the instructor of the diving club "Diving" Valters Preimanis. Book on the share price, limited quantity 14.95 […]

We leave the Gulf of Riga

Maritime Radio Service

Maritime Radio Service. GMDSS All coastal waters in the Baltic Sea region are covered by onshore VHF DSC stations and are therefore classified as GMDSS Marine Area A1. The central parts of larger basins do not reach the VHF, but they are fully […]

Diving clothes

What is a diving suit

What is a diving suit? Initially, people dived without special clothes, holding the air, later used a tube (reeds), with it […]

Rebrizer SF2 Backmount ECCR in operation

Scuba diving

Valters Preimanis, an instructor at the Diving Club for Diving, PADI MSDT Technical Diving Coach, says about the use of reedbreakers for scuba diving: ]

Divers in the Baltic Sea find the code encryption machine Enigma

The legendary code encryption machine was discovered during a search for abandoned old fishing nets in Gelting Bay, the Baltic Sea, northeastern Germany. The recently unearthed rare encryption machine "Enigma", which the Nazis used to send encrypted messages via radio during World War II, has been handed over by German divers […]

Finding lost and drowned gold and jewelry with the help of a diver

With the resumption of summer, the bathing season begins, when people go swimming and spend time on the water. Sometimes, unfortunately, vacationers come to drown their valuables while swimming, walking on footbridges or relaxing by the water. In the summer, we receive calls and e-mails about lost and drowned […]

diving in Latvian

Is it correct to use the word diving in Latvian?

The diving club is asked - Is it correct to use the word diving in Latvian? Diving club "Diving" PADI MSDT instructor, coach Valters Preimanis says about the use of the Latvian language in diving, "Every day we use the word diving, the name comes from the English language diving, […]