Pre-Dive Safety Check (BWRAF)

BWRAF – Begin With Review And Friend What is a pre-dive safety check? It is a specific safety procedure during which a diver's diving equipment is checked, in one way, always before diving. Pre-dive safety check poster […]

diving training in Mārupe region

Diving courses, diving training in Mārupe region

Sports, opportunities for active recreation in Mārupe region Diving trainings for students and young people from 10 years old, residents of Babīte and Mārupe region, discount together -10%. Diving training in Mārupe region, Pinķi is available for pupils, young people and adults. Diving training course graduates receive international diving […]

Scuba diving sports for children from the age of 10 in Babīte, Pinķi

Training topic: Introduction to the underwater world under the guidance of a PADI instructor. Young divers can take the international certificate "Junior PADI Open Water Diver" or adults "PADI Open Water Diver" Training times: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays 10.00, 12.00, 14.00. Duration of one lesson 2 hours. Training […]

Why use a special diving mask?

Ordinary swimming goggles should not be used for diving, as external pressure puts the swimming goggles on the human face more and more. The air molecules compress and a small vacuum begins to form, resulting in mild discomfort to the eyes, or even severe pain and bruising. Special diving […]

How does the volume of the human lungs change at different water depths?

The lungs of a diver and the effect on them Diving theory teaches that a diver fills the lungs by breathing compressed air into the underwater environment and the volume of air at the time of lifting increases more than the lungs can hold as the ambient pressure decreases. Lung barotrauma is not uncommon, but […]

PADI Adaptive Support Diver

PADI Adaptive Support Diver

If you have an acquaintance or friend in a wheelchair, have a movement disorder, recover from a stroke, or have extremely blurred vision, then this is not an obstacle to learning to scuba dive, experience weightless flight in the underwater world, and even become […]


Scuba diving training in Liepaja

Reserve your place for diving training in Liepaja, July / August, by calling the instructor t.220-77-202 OPEN WATER DIVER CERTIFICATE Have you been thinking about scuba diving for a long time to get to know the underwater world in Latvian waters, the Red Sea or elsewhere in the world? Great opportunity to start or continue what you started […]