SI Tech recalls the air supply hoses of a dry suit after a diver dies

After the death of a diver from Los Angeles (USA), the Swedish company SI Tech, in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, has recalled about 65,000 dry clothes air supply hoses. It has been concluded that a small part in these air supply wipers can become clogged during diving […]

Halcyon recalls 20,300 BCDs and other items of equipment

Halcyon, in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, has announced the recall of approximately 20,300 buoyancy compensators and inflatable devices. Damage to the valves has been found in this batch, which can cause air to leak, which can endanger the diver's life. No information yet […]

The Olympus µ 720 SW underwater camera lasts a year underwater

When Kaido Hagen went to dive at a shipwreck at sea off the coast of Estonia, he was greatly surprised to find the lost Olympus µ [mju:] 720 SW on the seabed. The shock- and water-resistant camera got there about a year ago when its owner died at this […]

The Seascooter GTI will help divers reach new depths

The company SEA-DOO offers divers a new scooter model - Seascooter GTI. This SEA-DOO product from water sports experts will enable anyone - be it a diver, snorkeler or just a swimmer - to become an underwater adventurer. Seascooter GTI is an ideal underwater vehicle […]

Silent Diving Systems recalls the hoses connecting the rebeer

Silent Diving Systems has recalled approximately 820 hose connecting hoppers. Some of them have been made without the necessary fastening depressions (see photo), which prevent gas leakage and water from entering the system - so some of the produced hoses have proven to be unsafe. These hoses […]

Reactor watch extreme underwater test

The watch manufacturer Reactor has announced that its water sports watch Gamma has been immersed in salt water at a depth of 100 m off the southeast coast of Florida, USA, in order to carry out the experiment. The watch, which is attached to a wreck, is expected to remain underwater for three years. In this way […]