World Whale Day 2023

World Whale Day and how divers can support whales

World Whale Day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of February, and this year it is on February 19. 🥳🤿 World Whale Day is an annual holiday dedicated to raising awareness about whales and their protection. This day offers an opportunity to learn about whales, [...]

Underwater technical inspection

Human survival in the sea, cold water in autumn and winter

Timely notification of an accident is a decisive factor in saving life! For accidents at sea, phone 115 (emergency service). The emergency telephone number of the State Fire and Rescue Service is 112. Below is the information compiled by diving instructor and lecturer Valters Preimanis, [...]

Amber on the Baltic coast and its location

Healthy walks along the sea are sometimes a good surprise for souvenir seekers. The Baltic Sea throws amber, or sun stones, it usually happens after big storms in the S, SW direction, so be vigilant by the sea. Amber is a beautiful gemstone that was formed before […]

Exotic sea animals in the Baltic Sea, swordfish found

The city of Liepāja is a popular place for scuba divers, preparing for diving in the sea. Only this time, the Baltic Sea pleases us with an exotic underwater animal, opposite the rescue base, a swordfish of impressive size washed out of the sea. It was noticed by local residents on August 12, 2015. Swordfish brought from the shore to the rescue station […]